Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, update 1.1.0 available: all the details of the update

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is updated with update 1.1.0 which introduces new characters and makes a series of corrections. Here are the details.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football  is updated with update 1.1.0 which introduces two new characters and makes a whole series of changes and corrections, which you can view at this address. With the new update, Shy Type and Daisy and her hyperthroat are added to the playable characters , which you can admire in the tweet below.

The free update also adds a new stadium, “Ruins of the Desert”, for use in every game mode, and  a new set of equipment , the Knight Set focused on Strength and Shooting. Nintendo has also confirmed that this will be just the first of many updates coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – two more will be released later this year, with more characters, stadiums and sets on the way.

Announced during Nintendo Direct in February, the third episode of the football series starring the Italian plumber will allow us to launch into frenetic  five – on-five matches  similar to football in which the attack relies heavily on dribbling, tackling and special shots. In the game, equipment will also be of enormous importance  , which will affect the statistics such as speed, strength and accuracy of the passes, as well as the appearance.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is available exclusively on Nintendo Swicth.

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