Involved in an accident while driving a green light, burst into tears

One of the vehicle drivers was injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of 2 vehicles in the Manavgat district of Antalya. The driver of the vehicle, which violated the red light, said that he took his neighbor who had been bitten by a snake to the hospital, and that his vehicle was an ambulance. The female driver, who was involved in the accident after passing the green light, said, “I passed the green light,” and cried.

Accident; It happened on the Alanya – Manavgat D-400 Highway. The light commercial vehicle with license plate number 07 RM 230 driven by Caner Azgan, who was going from Alanya direction to Manavgat direction, collided with the vehicle with license plate 07 07 YMF 70 driven by Ümmühani Şafak, which was going from Kızılağaç direction to Karacalar direction , at the Traffic Lights At Kızılağaç Junction.

Ümmühani Şafak, one of the drivers injured in the accident, was taken to the hospital by ambulance after the intervention of the 112 Emergency Health team at the scene. Immediately after the Ümmühani Şafak accident, she sat down in shock and burst into tears saying, “I passed on the green, I turned on the green, I did not see it”. Dawn was calmed by the surrounding citizens.

Involved in an accident while driving a green light, burst into tears

While it was determined that the accident occurred due to a red light violation, Caner Azgan, the driver of the vehicle who violated the red light, stated that his own vehicle served as an ambulance during the accident and said, “A snake bit my neighbor Mustafa Varış in Gençler Mahallesi His condition was bad. I took it to my car to take it to the hospital and we were on our way. When we came to the Kızılağaç junction, my 4s were on fire.

While I was passing by with the red light on, I hit the car passing the green light. Since my vehicle was an ambulance, this vehicle passed while other vehicles were waiting. We sent my neighbor, who bit a snake, to Manavgat State Hospital with another vehicle,” he said.

Involved in an accident while driving a green light, burst into tears

It was reported that Mustafa Varış, who was stated to have been bitten by a snake, was discharged after the necessary treatment was given at Manavgat State Hospital.

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