Is Ghost of Tsushima 2 already in development? Sucker Punch seeks combat designers for a new game

Ghost of Tsushima 2 may already be in development . To suggest this are some clues that have emerged from the recent job advertisements published by the team. The team reports that they are looking for a Senior Combat Designer  and a Technical Combat Designer  with proven experience in the creation of action titles or in any case able to work on a  rather developed and complex combat system , able to enhance the technique and timing with saves and counterattacks.

In publishing these job advertisements, the US subsidiary of PlayStation Studios does not directly mention  Ghost of Tsushima 2 but provides some clues about the reference genre of their next video game in development. The documents relating to the announcements speak of a triple A open world with stealth elements and melee combat.

All elements that seem to lead to the hypothesis that the game in question is Ghost of Tsushima 2 . In any case, we just have to wait for any official announcements from Sucker Punch.

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