Destiny 2 solstice 2022 guide and armor farm

Destiny 2’s summer event, the Solstice, has arrived and this year is perfect for getting armor with guaranteed high stats.

Especially if you are a new player, this year’s Solstice is absolutely unmissable because in a couple of hours of play you can get an armor set with at least two 100 stats guaranteed. Now I’ll explain how to do it.

Destiny 2 solstice 2022 guide and armor farm

There are 3 main currencies for this year’s event : Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and Flammables . the silver leaves are obtained by completing almost all the activities in the game but beware: Containment Nightmares and the Challenges of Eternity are currently bugged and do not drop them. The silver leaves can be transformed into silver ash by participating in the new activity of the event : the Bonfire Festival. each silver leaf will turn into 5 silver ashes and you can transform a maximum of 20 leaves per run for a total of 100 ashes.

Flammables can be obtained by completing Event Challenges , which are identical to Seasonal Challenges but limited to Solstice time. Focus on completing these challenges because flammables are the key to the high stat armor farm. At the start of the event Eva Levante will give you an armor set that you can potential. On an aesthetic level, enhancing it to the maximum will make it shine with a white luminescence . On a practical level, taking it to the maximum level will guarantee you (for each piece) a statistic with at least 20 points and one with at least 10.


To do this you will have to collect, for each piece of armor, 6 flammables (1 for the first level, 2 for the second and 3 for the third) and 120 silver ashes (20 for the first level, 40 for the second and 60 for the third). To level up your armor, just inspect it, alongside the usual 4 slots for modifications you will find 2 more: one for flammables and one for silver ash.

Now comes the fun part: the third level that requires silver ash will allow you to choose one of the 5 stats , when you go to upgrade you will see the value of the stat you have selected reach a minimum of 20 . If while doing this you have equipped a spectrum modification that guarantees you a minimum of 10 at the desired stat (Gunsmith Recovery for example) you will understand how you can forge yourself an armor set with a guaranteed double 100.

When you have your entire set fully upgraded then you can focus on farming because the level that requires flammables is universal so once done for a piece of armor, such as the helmet, any other helmets you drop will have level 3 flammables unlocked. From that moment on , you will only need silver ash to upgrade any new pieces you drop from the Bonfire Festival.

I know it may sound cumbersome but once the set is fully upgraded the farm simplifies enormously and in a couple of hours you can have a fully upgraded complete set .

The best way to accumulate silver leaves is to do the second mission of the Queen of Whisper campaign again and again . In 8-9 minutes you will earn 15 leaves if you are wearing a full set of armor from Solstice 2022. If you then manage to find a team of 3 you can reach the end of the mission (before leaving the fortress to go talk to Finch) take the checkpoint and continue to complete it from character to character. In half an hour you will arrive at the cap of 100 silver leaves .

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