Instagram backs off: it will no longer become a TikTok clone

User protests hit the spot. Instagram will pause the numerous experiments that had upset his identity. From the invasion of ‘Chosen for you’ content, to the priority given to short videos – the Reels – and removed from photos. A mess that would have made Instagram a sort of unsuccessful clone of TikTok .

The changes had put the most demanding users on a war footing. Even the Kardashians had intervened expressing their disappointment at the radical change of Instagram. In Italy, Chiara Ferragni was the spokesperson for the protests . And in the end, the alliance between common users and super influencers – united by the slogan Make Instagram Instagram Again – made its way. Adam Mosseri, # 1 on Instagram, has announced that the social network will make a U-turn, pleasing its users. Instagram will not become like TikTok, not immediately at least. Everything will remain as it is, or almost.

“If we don’t fail from time to time, it means we’re not thinking big enough and we’re not making bold enough choices,” Adam Mosseri said in an interview. The executive announced that the company will step back and reconsider its future. “We will work on it” and in the meantime Instagram will remain… Instagram.

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