What happened to the first Google leaflet? A few clues

What happened to Google’s first foldable smartphone ? Apparently the project is alive and well and Google is continuing to work on it in great secrecy. Fortunately, the leakers take care to keep us updated.

To begin with, in the code of version 8.6 of Google Camera geeks found a reference to the Pixel Notepad project (presumed name of the device). Further clue that Mountain View engineers are continuing to work on it. To be precise, the code hid an icon unequivocally linked to a folding smartphone.

But is this overwhelming evidence? Yes and no. Google Camera can technically be installed on all Android smartphones, which from the 12L version has begun to give more and more importance to optimizations with folding devices. However, it is worth pointing out that the devices of the Pixel line – that is, those produced by Google – are the only ones to provide Google Camera by default. In short, the Pixels represent the vast majority of the Google Camera userbase and it seems strange that the company has inserted a reference to a competitor product or a generic folding smartphone within the app. It is much more likely that the icon refers precisely to the expected foldable Pixel.

We also know that Google is working on a mysterious new feature for Android intended for folding smartphones. His name is Jupiter, but that’s all we know.

Google Camera should introduce another function called Hotshot, the latter intended for all smartphones and not just folding. Basically it will help the user to take good quality selfies, helping him to adjust the frame for excellent results.

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