Nothing Phone (1) survives the endurance tests, but be careful to bend it

While the tests and reviews of the Nothing Phone (1) continue , a phone born from the new Carl Pei company, the first results on the tests carried out to see if this phone is actually effective, which in effect shows without problems its components (with a transparent style seasoned with LEDs of various kinds), can withstand various stresses.

The tests done seem to show it very resistant as regards the lightest damages: there are in fact many layers of resistant material, specially made to make the device more durable, and it took several attempts before the screen started to scratch.

Items such as keys failed to scratch the display or back , but a well-made fall still leaves its mark. However, what is very interesting, and strange, concerns the bending test: the result on the back of the phone showed excellent resistance points, since nothing bent, but the pressure on the side of the display led to a bad noise and to a somewhat unnatural bending .

The problem seems to be related to the antenna, which is separated from the rest of the device and which therefore offers its back to a flexion that in the short term does not lead to anything serious (since then the phone returns to its natural shape) but in the long term could create problems.



  • Nothing Phone (1) survives durability test, but don’t try bending it (Gizmochina)





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