Samsung starts production of 3nm chips

At the Samsung event held these days, around 100 people were present, including senior officials from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of South Korea and all key Samsung employees who contributed to the development and organization. of the serial production of next-generation chips. During the event; Samsung has announced the ambitious goal of “moving forward with innovative technologies to become the best in the world”.

According to Samsung Foundry , technological barriers in developing the 3nm process were not present due to cooperation with both of Samsung’s other divisions, as well as the company’s manufacturing and infrastructure partners. Samsung’s 3nm chips use GAA (Gate All Around) transistor technology; providing more efficient power consumption and better performance than the already used FinFET. The new solution will be used to produce processors designed for servers, data centers; as well as advanced chipsets for smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops, desktops and other electronic devices.

The company began developing GAA in the early 2000s and successfully applied it for the first time in 3nm chip manufacturing in 2017 and after several years of research and testing, the production of new solutions began in particular, the 3nm chips will be supplied to a Chinese mining company.

Samsung’s main competitor in the semiconductor contract manufacturing market, TSMC , will start producing 3nm chips around the fourth quarter of 2022 , and both will compete for the right to receive orders from major suppliers such as AMD, Apple, MediaTek, NVIDIA. and Qualcomm, however, we will continue to follow the development of events in the coming weeks.




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