Ark 2: new trailer with release period from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Ark 2 is back to show itself on the occasion of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase with a trailer that also reveals the release date of the new game from Studio Wilcard. The Ark sequel will be available in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X | S.

Announced at The Game Awards 2020, Ark 2 is the new episode of  Studio Wildcard ‘s sandbox survival series   featuring dinosaurs and starring Vin Diesel. Let’s read the official description:

Survive the past. Tame the future. Suddenly awakened in a primeval world filled with dinosaurs and humans fighting for dominance, you must team up with legendary heroes to face powerful dark forces. Saddle up and join the ultimate next-generation survival experience with ARK 2!

We also remind you that Ark 2 will also be available at launch in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for PC and consoles .



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