In 2021, Amazon produced 71.54 million tons of CO2, 18% more than in 20202

Amazon ‘s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality suffered a major setback in 2021. The giant revealed that it produced 18% more CO2 over the past year. But Amazon reassures: “the objectives remain clear, zero emissions by 2040”.

In 2021, Amazon produced 71.54 million tons of CO2 . That is 40% more than the emissions of 2019, the year to which the first publicly disclosed climate report by the company dates back.

If the absolute values ​​are not reassuring, Amazon is still keen to underline that it is progressively reducing the impact on the environment of each single shipment. Amazon uses a value called carbon intensity, which is the emissions produced divided by the number of products sold. Amazon’s carbon intensity dropped by 1.9% in 2021.

In its report, Amazon reiterated that in the future it will increasingly rely on electric vehicles for so-called last mile delivery, i.e. when courier vans leave the logistics centers to reach their final destination – the customer’s home. . In the US, Amazon has already put some of the electric vans produced by Rivian on the road. The company will also try to achieve carbon neutrality in another way: by purchasing green credits from projects that carry out initiatives to remove CO2 from the atmosphere: from reforestation projects to more futuristic solutions to – literally – suck up and capture the dioxide. carbonic.

In its report, Amazon also takes into account the CO2 produced by its offices, as well as by data centers. Unlike other companies, however, Amazon does not calculate the CO2 emitted by the production process of the products it sells, unless they are items produced directly by Amazon – such as the devices of the Echo line.

It is clear to everyone that the challenge we collectively should overcome, the path to carbon neutrality, is extremely complicated. Many technologies are giving encouraging results, but just as many solutions still require considerable development

added a spokesperson for the company.

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