Parliament in Kuwait was officially dissolved… Early general elections will be held in 2 months

Kuwait’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has officially dissolved the parliament by decree. Early general elections will be held in Kuwait within 2 months.

Parliament was dissolved in Kuwait . Kuwait’s Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal al-Ahmad al-Sabah, in a decree issued, stated that parliament was dissolved to correct the political scene of differences, conflicts and self-interested preferences that threaten national unity. An early general election will be held within 2 months to elect the new parliament.


in the day in Kuwait, a new 12-member government was sworn in. The Crown Prince announced last June that he would constitutionally dissolve the parliament and called for early general elections. Dilemmas between the government and parliament in Kuwait over the decades have often led to cabinet changes and the dissolution of the legislature, hindering investment and reform. Parliament was last dissolved in 2016.

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