the hotel does not look like the photos published on the site, a Milanese tourist sues and wins

Book a vacation on , but when he shows up at the hotel he finds that the photos didn’t match reality in the least. A Milan resident therefore decided to file a complaint against the platform, asking for compensation for his ” ruined holidays “.

The fact dates back to 2018: the man had paid 2,250 euros for a one-week stay in Vieste, in Puglia . After a quick search on he found a hotel that looked perfect and didn’t even cost that much. Too bad that the photos had been retouched ad hoc and that the structure was much more dilapidated than it appeared on the site.

“What was supposed to be an Olympic-size swimming pool was a little deeper than a bathtub,” the 44-year-old man complained. “Not to mention the cleaning of the rooms”. At the time, had not taken the protests of the Milanese tourist seriously: the site had limited itself to canceling the reservation, without paying any refund. Hence the decision to lodge a complaint.

After four years the sentence arrived: the justice of the peace of Milan Alexia Dulcetta agreed with the Milanese, condemning to pay compensation . The company based in Amsterdam will have to reimburse the customer the full amount of the booked stay, to which the court costs must be added.

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