iPad 10: goodbye audio jack, but the design will be completely new

Apple will make a small revolution with the next iPad 10 . We speak clearly of the base model, the entry-level one with much less ‘generous’ specifications than the Air and Pro models.

The design had been showing signs of profound weariness for several years now, and in fact Apple will start right from here. The edges will become flat, taking up the lines that now distinguish the entire product line of the Bitten Apple, starting from the iPhones and, in fact, from the other high-end iPads.

Despite everything, the ‘Home’ button will not be touched. A choice that – at least currently – unites all of Apple’s entry-level products, such as the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8. Rather, the audio jack for headphones disappears. Even the next iPad 10 will only support Bluetooth headphones, or those with USB-C input.

iPad 10: goodbye audio jack, but the design will be completely new

Mysmartprice’s 3D CAD render reveals in advance what the design of the next iPad 2022 will look like

As for the screen, it will be of slightly more generous proportions: a little above the 10.2 inches seen on the iPad currently on the market. The design of the camera also changes, which will become similar to the one seen on the iPhone X.

According to the latest rumors, the base iPad will receive quad-speaker audio for the first time, with an obvious improvement in sound quality – it’s the same solution adopted on the iPad Pro, but not present in reverse on the iPad Air and Mini.

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