They died horribly in the mill fire… Their identities were revealed!

The identities of those who lost their lives in the fire that broke out on May 7 in the Greater Manchester region of England were announced. In the mill where the fire broke out, the teams investigating the human remains were found. All the details of the terrible event were revealed one by one.

Authorities launched an investigation after demolition workers found human remains at the scene following a fire on May 7.

The Fire at Bismark House Mill in Oldham rendered the mill unusable, and the fire reverberated across the country.

When the workers who carried out demolition work in the region called the police and informed that they had found human remains, the blood of the whole country froze.


A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police gave their names today, explaining that they believe the 4 people who were reported missing on 21 July were at the mill at the time of the fire.

They died horribly in the mill fire… Their identities were revealed!

4 Vietnamese citizens were at the mill when the fire started .

Police said Cuong Van Chu, 39, arrived in the UK in June 2019 and had regular contact with his wife and children until 7 May, but his family has not heard from him since.

Uoc Van Nguyen, 31, was said to have been in regular contact with his wife until 7 May, when he said he was also at a mill.


Police spokesman Duong Van Nguyen, 29, has been in the UK for nearly a year and was last contacted by his family about three months ago when he said he lived in an ‘abandoned house’ and was looking for work.

The fourth missing person has been identified as Nam Thanh Le, 21, who arrived in the UK in January and last contacted her family on 4 May to say she was living in an abandoned house on the dam. She also told her family that she was looking for a job. The dam he was talking about was at Oldham.

They died horribly in the mill fire… Their identities were revealed!



Detective Inspector Lewis Hughes said:

“Our deepest condolences are with the loved ones of Cuong, Uoc, Duong, and Nam. Specially trained officers are in direct contact with them and we will continue to make every effort to ensure that they are fully informed and supported in Vietnam as well as in the UK.”

Hughes continued his statement with the following statements:

“We continue to search for the Bismark House Mill to ensure that all human remains and important objects are recovered. Meanwhile, the investigation team is also pre-monitoring various investigation channels regarding the fire and the activities at the factory.”

The police appealed to anyone who knew these people and had information about their whereabouts before or after the fire, to cooperate.

They died horribly in the mill fire… Their identities were revealed!



It was also underlined that the safety and well-being of these people is the number one priority.

“We also continue to request advance information about the fire or activities at the mill.” Since the search began on July 23, authorities have discovered the remains of three victims, but their identities have not been released.

Police said it was believed that no one was in the building at the time of the fire, which was tried to be extinguished for four days.

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