work like candy

A confectionery producing company in Canada is looking for a ‘sugar gourmet’ with an annual salary of 1 million 400 thousand TL. The company will also cover the dental expenses of the taster, who will sit at home and taste about 100 candies a day.

Candy Funhouse , a Canadian confectionery company , is looking for a ‘ Candy taster’ with an annual salary of 100 thousand Canadian dollars (1 million 400 thousand TL) . This equates to approximately 116 thousand TL per month. The company also promises to meet all the dentist bills of the candy supervisor, who will work from home and will taste 113 candies a day and close to 3,500 candies a month to determine which ones are more delicious.


The position is open to anyone 5 years or older, living in North America, without food allergies. The ad states that with a ‘golden sense of taste’ it is necessary to ‘love sugar a lot’. More than 100,000 people applied for the interesting job in two weeks. Some families proudly shared that their children had applied for a job through videos on social media.


The position in question is of great importance in guiding the company’s confectionery strategy. The confectionery taster will taste at least 100 candies a day to identify products that will be put up for sale and will receive a stamp of approval. He will also be responsible for developing the company’s confectionery strategy.

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