Apple tougher on the rules of developers who will participate in WWDC22

With the cases of Covid that in many territories do not tend to decrease, Apple has decided to tense up with regard to the policies of its new physical event that is now imminent, in the course of which we can expect many news.

There is talk of an email sent to the developers who will participate in the happy event, who were specifically asked to obtain N95 masks for their time of stay, which must obviously remain worn.

There will also be the need to undergo a rapid test against the disease , uploading the results to the company’s official website even before showing up at the giant’s park. Obviously, this is good news for all those who can’t wait to be able to participate in the event in question, who in fact will have the opportunity to stop in a safer environment, having to deal with the news of the company without missing them. the necessary precautions.

Obviously, we are waiting for more details regarding the contents that will be deepened, while we immediately talk about the announcement of the long-awaited iOS 16 and some physical devices of the Mac series that could present themselves.


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