Dontnod: The Life is Strange studio will make an announcement today

Dontnod, the Life is Strange and Vampyr studio, posted a tweet yesterday evening saying it will make an announcement today . The announcement in question will concern the next project the team has been working on for some time.

A little bird told us that if you come back here tomorrow, we will give you some news and maybe even some clues as to what we are working on.

In reality, the tweet does not contain much information and therefore it is very difficult to even imagine what project you are talking about. It should also be noted that in the simply expressed text that we will be provided with clues about the projects in progress so it is also possible that in the end this does not translate into a real announcement. What we do know, however, is that the Life is Strange team is currently working on several projects and one of them may be announced today. Vampyr 2 could be a possibility, but the launch of a new IP cannot be ruled out. To find out, we just have to wait.

We remind you that Dontnod is the French studio known for putting its signature on the first two titles of the acclaimed Life is Strange series . In addition to Life is Strange 1 and 2, he also made the role-playing game Vampyr, the adventure Twin Mirror and the older Remember Me.

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