Forest fire in Çanakkale

The fire that broke out in the forest area in Çanakkale’s Çan district is being intervened by land and air.

For an unknown reason, a fire broke out in the forest area near Çakılköy village in Çanakkale ‘s Çan District.

Forest fire in Çanakkale

Citizens who saw the rising smoke reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Center (AÇM). 6 fire-fighting helicopters, 4 planes, 13 sprinklers, 3 dozers, 2 first response vehicles and 102 personnel belonging to Çanakkale Regional Directorate of Forestry, and teams from surrounding municipalities and institutions were directed to the region.

Forest fire in Çanakkale

Efforts to extinguish the fire continue with air and land interventions.



On the other hand, a fire broke out in the forest area in Kumbağ Neighborhood of Tekirdağ’s Süleymanpaşa district. While the firefighters were dispatched to the region, the citizens who were uneasy due to the approach of the flames to the settlements supported the fire extinguishing efforts with garden hoses. Efforts to extinguish the fire, which spread over a wide area with the effect of the wind, continue.



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