Ukraine’s apology from Amnesty International

Amnesty International has apologized for its report, which alleges that Ukraine’s war tactics endanger civilians and violate international law.

Amnesty International recently published a report alleging that Ukraine ‘s war tactics endanger civilians and violate international law. Amnesty International has issued an apology for the report, which Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky Called “Fake” And “Propaganda”. In a statement, the organization said, “Amnesty International deeply regrets the distress and anger caused by our press release regarding the war tactics of the Ukrainian army. Amnesty International’s priority in this and any conflict is to ensure the protection of civilians. Indeed, that was our sole objective when publishing this latest research. While we fully stand behind our findings, we are sorry for the pain we have caused.”


that Ukrainian forces found near civilian residences in 19 towns and villages it visited and that the civilians in question were at risk of Russian fire, the organization said, “This is Amnesty International’s defense of Ukrainian forces from violations committed by Russian forces. “It doesn’t mean that he blames himself or that the Ukrainian army did not take adequate measures elsewhere in the country. We must be very clear. Nothing we document that Ukrainian forces do justifies Russian violations,” he said.


Amnesty International, in its report published last Thursday, stated that the Ukrainian army has turned civilian settlements into military facilities, including schools and hospitals. had stated. In the report, which stated that all these actions violated international law, it was stated that Russia targeted military bases in the civilian settlement area and drew attention to the fact that civilians were killed and infrastructure was destroyed in the attacks.


the report in question as “fake” and “propaganda”, Zelenski accused Amnesty of “trying to shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim”. Referring to Russia, Zelenski stated that Amnesty International is trying to “forgive the terrorist state” and said, “Anyone who forgives Russia and artificially creates such an information environment where some of the terrorists’ attacks are supposedly justified or understandable, should understand that they are helping the terrorists in doing so. “And if there are such manipulative reports, then we need to understand that terrorists are helping terrorists. You share the responsibility of killing people with them,” he said. Zelensky, “Ukraine”


Amnesty International’s Ukraine Representative Oksana Pokalchuk resigned, saying the report was a propaganda gift for Russia. While the Ukrainian authorities stated that they took every possible precaution to evacuate civilians from the frontline areas, Russia claims that its attacks, which it describes as a “special military operation”, do not target civilians.

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