Chinese and Taiwanese ships face to face

While the war game of the Chinese army in the Taiwan Strait continued on the fourth day yesterday, the warships of the two countries came face to face. After Chinese warships crossed the midpoint of the strait, which is accepted as a border, Taiwanese ships moving to the region made various blocking maneuvers.

The Exercise, Initiated By CHINA In Response To The Taiwan visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi , continued on its fourth and last day. While Chinese warplanes and ships were making maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait, which Taipei described as an “occupation rehearsal”, dangerous rapprochement took place between the parties.


The Taiwanese navy responded when Chinese ships crossed the midpoint of the strait, which served as the de facto border between the parties. The ships moving to the region tried to keep the Chinese ships on the other side of the border with blocking maneuvers. Despite this tension, steps were taken to normalize maritime traffic with the expectation that China would end the exercise by adhering to the previously announced schedule. In the first 7 months of the year, warnings have been lifted for six of the 7 regions declared “high risk” due to the exercise on the world’s busiest waterway, where half of all cargo ships at sea pass.


Flights to Taipei are also expected to return to normal starting today. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese military has announced that it will conduct artillery exercises using real ammunition within the week in response to China. The trainings to be held on the southern coast of the island on August 9-11 will test the army’s capacity to resist attacks from air and sea.


Chinese state media published this photo taken from the deck of a Chinese warship participating in the exercise. The frigate of the Taiwanese navy was seen in the frame, which also includes the railings of the Chinese ship. It was noteworthy that the armies of the two enemy countries came dangerously close to each other during the last exercises.


Roger Waters, 78, one of the founders of the famous rock band Pink Floyd, became the subject of controversy in an interview he gave to American CNN. Regarding the Taiwan and China issue, “China is not besieging Taiwan. Using the expressions “Taiwan is a part of China”, Waters accused those who claim otherwise of “not reading enough”. In the early days of the Ukrainian invasion, Roger Waters was criticized for ‘ignoring Russia’, blaming NATO and the USA for the war. Roger Waters’ music career has been separate from Pink Floyd for a long time.

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