Pg Nationals, also Ckibe in the finals

Kia Italia and Pg Esports will bring the famous streamer to the community event for the viewing party of the League of Legends championship final.


On Sunday 7th August Outplayed and Macko Esports will face off to determine who will win the title of Italian champion of the PG Nationals, the highest League of Legends competition organized and managed by PG Esports. For the occasion, the tournament organizer has prepared a viewing party to which some important figures of the competitive scene will be present with the appointment set for 6:00 pm on Sunday at the Combo Milano.

Also present Ckibe

Among the personalities present at the event there will also be Roberta “Ckibe” Sorge, streamer and undoubtedly one of the most famous faces of the Italian web, in particular on Twitch, famous for her drawings and her works and miniatures. Ckibe will be in Milan for the Pg Nationals finals to create, thanks to the collaboration with Pg Esports and Kia Italia, a live performance during which he will design the poster of the final: “new, special and totally inspired by the values ​​of technological innovation and typical electrification by Kia. “

Macko vs Outplayed

For the Mackos it is the fourth final ever, even in a row, while for the Outplayed it is even the fifth in the course of their long stay, on average one a year. However, the Macko have already conquered two titles dominating in the whole of 2021, while the Outplayed only one in Summer 2018. The last precedent in the final between them dates back to exactly a year ago, when the Macko won 3-1.

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