The first hospital open to the animals of sick owners is in Biella

Biella inaugurates a special department, where sick owners and their pets can spend time together. The brilliant idea came from two nurses, following the death of a patient in total solitude.


It was 2019. A still young man was hospitalized by us with a poor short-term prognosis, he was about to die. He asked us to be able to hug his dog once again, a Golden Retriever. But despite all our attempts, the bureaucracy has made that last wish impossible. It was not even possible to get the bed out.

Marco Casarotto and Stefano Di Massimo, nurses



The cause of preventing animals from entering the hospital is due to hygiene and safety. However, the obstinacy of the two nurses did not prevent the creation of this ward . It is an isolation from the other wards located on the first floor of the hospital.

A long corridor without patients leads to the special ward created and then finally the moment of the fateful meeting arrives. Master and animal meet again, transforming everything into an exciting and moving atmosphere. Dogs and cats, ferrets, parrots, in short, all animals with health records are allowed, subject to authorization by the ASLBI and accompanied by a kind person.

It is the first hospital in Piedmont to have such a ward. With the Coronavirus, this idea has double value, given the great loneliness brought by the pandemic. This has an even greater significance, a small gesture to defeat the suffering of the disease. The meeting between the sick patient and his animal is now a precious assistance value and quality of the care path .



  • Biella: here the first hospital where animals can stay with their sick owners (

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