Diabetes: the Mediterranean diet prevents it

A recent discovery declared the magic recipe for excess fat reduction. You have to follow the basis of a two-month Mediterranean diet , so you can get rid of the fat in the pancreas. Also, by improving insulin production by preventing diabetes . Small effective precautions are needed such as consuming fruit, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and seeds, cereals, leaving aside meat, especially red meat.

Two months will be enough to drastically reduce the excess fat in the pancreas and improve insulin production . In fact, if there is too much fat, it thickens in adipose tissue and in organs such as the heart, liver and pancreas. In this way it could trigger alterations in insulin secretion increasing the diabetic risk.

The Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism Unit of the Federico II University of Naples wanted to study the subject better. All in collaboration with the Ircss Synlab Sdn and the Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging of the CNR of Naples. The study was carried out on a group of type 2 diabetic patients. They followed a diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids in extra virgin olive oil or a multifactorial diet for two months. The latter was rich in foods with a low glycemic index and fiber. Such as vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruit, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The latter are contained in fatty fish and nuts. In such a diet there are also vitamins and polyphenols (fruit, tea, coffee, vegetables).

Before and after the test there was the measurement of fat in the pancreas and also the values ​​of blood sugar and insulin. All on an empty stomach and in the 4 hours following a test meal. After 2 months of treatment, pancreatic fat was reduced by 10% in patients on a multifactorial diet. In addition, this group of people experienced a 30% increase in insulin secretion especially in the first two hours after a meal. They discovered that a Mediterranean-style diet, already healthy in itself, could also be positive for diabetes.

  • The recipe for fighting and preventing diabetes? It is all based on the Mediterranean diet (ohga.it)

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