Microsoft and Meta will use AI in datacenters for security, like Google does

Datacenters , which support the apps, websites and services that billions of people use every day, can be dangerous places for the workers who create and manage them . Workers sometimes have to perform maintenance on a data center’s electrical equipment while it is being powered, and may be exposed to chemicals such as chlorine, which is used as a sterilizing agent for water circulated through liquid cooling systems. computer and server. In June 2015, five people were hospitalized after a chlorine gas leak at an Apple data center in Maiden, North Carolina.

Datacenters are safer than before, but there is always a search for better solutions, and this is where some tech giants say they are studying how AI can be applied to prevent security problems. For example, Microsoft is developing an artificial intelligence system that analyzes data from a variety of sources and generates alerts for data center construction and operations teams to “prevent or mitigate the impact of security incidents.”

A complementary but related system, also under development, attempts to detect and predict impacts on data center construction programs.

As explained by TechCrunch , a spokesperson for Microsoft reads in an email:

These initiatives are both in the early stages of testing and are expected to begin expanding into our production environments by the end of the year.

Meta also says it can investigate ways in which AI can anticipate how its data centers will operate in “extreme environmental conditions” that could lead to unsafe work environments. The company says it has developed physical models to simulate extreme conditions and has introduced this data into the artificial intelligence models responsible for optimizing power consumption, cooling and airflow through its servers.



  • Microsoft and Meta join Google in using AI to help run their data centers (TechCrunch)

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