Partner Delfast – a new electric bike tailored for business

In 2017, the Delfast Prime electric bike set a Guinness World Record by covering just over 367 kilometers on a single battery charge. After several years, the Ukrainian manufacturer Delfast introduced a new model.

The bike was named Partner and is aimed at the client segment of small and medium-sized businesses. It is noteworthy that the main profile of Delfast is courier delivery. “Partner” received the same Enduro frame as its predecessor “Prime”, but the novelty became heavier by 10 kilograms – the weight of the model was 35 kg. The weight is mainly due to the DNM MM-22LAR suspension and the XCM fork.

Obviously, including with an increase in the weight of the model, the declared power reserve on a single charge for Delfast Partner is somewhat more modest – 150 kilometers. However, for operation in the city and suburbs, such a figure is quite an acceptable indicator. At the same time, the power of the electric motor of the new bike is 1500 W, and the maximum speed is 45 km/h.

The bike was equipped with a Panasonic 48 V / 25.6 Ah battery, which interacts with an intelligent battery management system via a Bluetooth connection. So, the novelty computer gives the user the opportunity to set 3 different driving modes solely due to electric traction. Another one (4th mode) is pedal.

Other high-tech accessories of Delfast Partner include the presence of a GPS tracker and an information display that reflects the main data – speed, battery charge, etc. The head of Delfast Dmitry Bukhanevich in his interview with New Atlas noted the possibility of connecting customers to the company’s proprietary Internet portal, which captures key performance indicators of bikes in real time. Also, a single information resource can be used by customers as the main software for managing a bicycle rental fleet.

Pre-order for Delfast Partner is already open. The price of the e-bike starts at 3499 euros, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in 5-7 weeks.


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