Apple Store: no more obligation of masks in different states

Apple has recently confirmed a news that will certainly be particularly pleasant in many states around the world, including specifically Ohio , Kansas , Kentucky , North Carolina and Georgia in America , with also other important names, as reported by Bloomberg and taken up. on the pages of The Verge .

We are dealing with an obligation that is no longer valid for what concerns the customers, with the employees of the company who in fact, given the situation still far from calm, will have to continue to wear the mask as usual.

Although this is a security risk, given that the Covid virus is certainly not extinct, it must be said that customers will certainly have a way to breathe a sigh of relief in being able to visit shops without this. ‘obligation, which has unfortunately entered by force in the lives of users all over the world for many years now.

It should be emphasized that based on the shop, the company has thought of different policies, with the official website still indicating in some cases the ” required ” item for the mask, but for some locations it is satisfied only with a ” recommended ” and ” optional ” “. We will see when the situation improves, hopefully in the short term, also in Italy and the company will be able to carry out these policies also in our country.



  • Apple Stores drop mask requirements for customers in several states (The Verge)

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