Male chicks: the ban on slaughtering them en masse arrives in Italy

“Stop the slaughter of male chicks”: a slogan that has become a bill. On August 2, 2022, the Chamber of Deputies definitively voted the amendment prohibiting the slaughter of male chicks . The awareness campaigns have paid off: from 2026 the ban will come into force in Italy . Finally, male chicks will no longer be slaughtered en masse, poor victims of shredding for their uselessness in the food industry. Between 25 and 40 million chicks have been killed each year so far .


A decisive vote for the history of animal welfare laws in Italy.

Animal Equity Italia, the association that has been responsible for the awareness campaign since 2020



All this was also possible thanks to a collection of 100,000 signatures . The Honorable Francesca Galizia intervened. Thanks to new technologies, farms have various tools to avoid the problem of the slaughter of male chicks. One example, in-ovo sex monitoring (before hatching).

A method for the selection of unsuitable eggs before the birth of the chicks. In-ovo technologies will save the lives of 5 million chicks every year starting in 2022. However, it will take a long time for companies to adapt to this technology , as it is not yet available to everyone.



  • Male chicks are safe: from 2026 in Italy it will be forbidden to mass cull them (


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