Splatoon 3: all the details from the dedicated Nintendo Direct

On the occasion of today’s Nintendo Direct , Splatoon 3 has returned to show itself in a long presentation that has revealed many  new details on the awaited exclusive Nintendo Switch. Exactly, as in the previous chapter, we will be able to use ink to reach high positions, hide and take down enemies, but in this new chapter we will also be able to make use of new acrobatic techniques that will expand our possibilities on a strategic level.

As for the scenarios, in Splatoon 3 12 maps will be available at launch, which include many of the scenarios of Coloropoli, including the Cefalò Museum, the Ponte Sgombro, Villanguilla and many others and others totally unpublished. In this regard, Nintendo also announced that there are many other scenarios that have not yet been announced and that will be added later via free updates.


Moving on to weapons, in Splatoon 3 we will find all the basic versions of the weapons present in Splatoon 2, plus many new weapons including the Blade Wiper, a sword that generates lethal slashes, together with many other special weapons, such as the Explosive Sonar, which unleashes sound waves and marks the position of an enemy by inflicting damage, or the Motosqualo, which allows you to make a charge towards the opponents.

Weapons can be purchased at the special shop, Armand’s Ancient Armory. To purchase weapons, instead of the in-game currency, it will be necessary to use Armand’s licenses , which are obtained by leveling up and using the same type of weapon regularly.

All clothing stores are also back , allowing you to buy different items including hats, shoes and t-shirts, each with different assigned skills that can be exploited during the matches. Skills can also be exchanged by talking to Echino in the town square.

Nintendo also announced the presence of a Story Mode , ideal for those who intend to become familiar with the game mechanics and with the possibilities offered by the various weapons. In the role of number 3, the last to arrive in the New Gill Division, we will have to face the Octorian army. Together with our friend Salmonello we will have to explore different scenarios, each full of dangers and pitfalls.

Finally confirmed the return of SplatFest. The first will be held on 27 August, from 10:00 to 22:00 Italian and will see three main teams to choose from, namely Sasso, Forbice and Carta. In the future, Nintendo confirmed, a full-bodied paid DLC will also arrive.

We remind you that Splatoon 3 will be available starting September 9, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

  • Splatoon 3 Direct – 08/10/2022 (youtube.com)

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