Turkey was calling with a red notice… Extradition decision came from Sweden

Sweden has decided to extradite a person whom Turkey sought with a red notice for fraud.

Swedish state television SVT announced that it was decided to extradite a 35-year-old person, whom Turkey sought with a red notice for fraud, to Turkey.

It is stated that the person in question is a Turkish citizen and was convicted of fraud in Turkey in 2013 and 2016.

Evaluating the Supreme Court’s decision, Swedish Minister of Justice and Interior Morgan Johansson described the decision as “a routine situation”.

It was noted that the person to be extradited was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Turkey for fraud.


After the Ukraine war, Finland and Sweden applied for NATO membership, while Turkey decided to veto it.

This Knot, Which Occupied The World agenda for a long time, was resolved at the NATO Summit held in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Turkey opened the way for membership by signing a 10-item memorandum of understanding with the two countries.

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