YouTube would be offering big bucks to creators to make podcasts

Apparently, in order to compete with podcast giants like Spotify , Amazon and Apple , YouTube may have a somewhat aggressive tactic in mind. We speak specifically of record salaries for those who have the opportunity to create content for the platform, with large sums of money both for individual authors and for the networks. To anticipate everything are the Bloomberg pages , particularly reliable for any type of tip of this type, according to which the company intends to offer up to $ 50,000 for individual users and from $ 200,000 to $ 300,000 to agencies.

Google has not yet had the opportunity to comment on the situation, but it must be said that it would certainly not be the first time in which the search giant decides to invest a lot in a certain sector in order to vary its offer as much as possible. , and thus managing to have one foot in various shoes to improve its presence on the market. There have been several signs that YouTube could, among other things, become a platform for this purpose for some time.

We are not only talking about the continuous interest of the giant in the sector, as well as the fact that the style of YouTube is particularly suited to this world, given that clues are also seen in the fact that in some cases the company has made it possible to watch videos while the platform is set aside on mobile to use others, which is obviously a fundamental requirement for this type of content.

We’ll see if over the next few months Google will be able to confirm the incentives mentioned on the Bloomberg pages, thus allowing creators to receive bonuses if they want to create tailor-made content for YouTube.



  • YouTube reportedly offers podcasters up to $ 300,000 to create videos (Engadget)

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