Gen Z and Millennial: private life more important than work

Recent statistics show that younger generations care more about their private life before employment . The sense of a job is more important than the salary, a good environment included is fundamental. Losing your job is no longer a nightmare. The results of the statistics are reported on 800 respondents. 36% of Swiss generation Z (18-24 years) and Millenials (25-36 years) have left their jobs. The reason was that it was not compatible with private life. 67% are ready to terminate their employment contract if it prevents them from enjoying life.

The employer’s values ​​must correspond to those of the young worker. Social and environmental values ​​are essential for choosing an employer. Almost half of young people under 24 want to find equality and diversity in work. If not, then 43% of Gen Z and 39% of Millennials would refuse the job.

Young people are also confident that they will find new jobs quickly after losing their old jobs. 57% of the respondents under the age of 24 recorded this opinion. Among Millennials, the percentage that registers this opinion is over 62%. The change of priorities of today’s young people is not a lack of will in work or loyalty to companies. It’s just that employees value their personal lives a lot more.



  • For Gen Z and Millennial, private life matters more than employment (

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