Gunman killed in US trying to break into FBI office

A gunman who tried to break into the office of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was later shot dead in Cincinnati, USA.

It was announced that the suspect, who was wearing a steel vest, was trying to get away with his vehicle by leaving the building after the alarm went off in the office, he was pressed by the police, and he was shot because he was pointing his gun during bargaining after mutual gunfire.

It was announced that the person killed was 42-year-old Ricky Shiffer.

It is being investigated whether Ricky Shiffer has ties to far-right groups.

Shiffer has two social media accounts, most of his tweets are about the presidential elections held in the USA On November 3, 2020, He Wrote That The Elections Were “Stolen” From Donald Trump; He is also reportedly calling for “acts of violence” against Democrats, the FBI , And The Supreme Court.

Some of the shares he made on his Twitter account indicate that Shiffer also participated in the attack on the US Congress on January 6, 2021.

In a message written from an account opened in the name of Ricky Shiffer on a Trump website, he calls on all Americans to “get ready for war” and says “I propose to fight”.

FBI agents raided and searched former President Donald Trump’s Florida home on Monday.

Trump supporters harshly criticized the FBI after the raid, while FBI Director Christopher Wray said that violence and threats against the employees of the institution should worry all Americans.

“Basic attacks on the FBI also undermine the rule of law,” said Christopher Wray.

Wray was appointed FBI Director by Trump in 2017.

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