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Tuğrul Tekbulut expands its target in the cyber security sector with Timus Networks

Tuğrul Tekbulut expands its target in the cyber security sector with Timus Networks
The cyber security startup Timus Networks, launched by Tuğrul Tekbulut, the founder of Logo, received a $1 million investment from TechOne with a valuation of $10 million. 

Many of us know Tuğrul Tekbulut as the founder of Logo Yazılım. Tuğrul Tekbulut , who launched Logo Yazılım in 1984, also founded the cyber security company Berqnet in 2013. Tekbulut also made a purchase in the field of cyber security last year.


Tekbulut had bought all the shares of TRAngels angel investors in LOKI, the cloud-based cyber security and network management platform established by Ahmet Polat . With this sale, shares were sold with a valuation that reached 4 times the valuation invested.

Tuğrul Tekbulut took another cyber security step in the USA after Berqnet. As a result of the merger with LOKI, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) technology was developed and they decided to expand globally as a new brand. Immediately afterwards , Timus Networks began operating in the USA. 

Timus Networks, which started its operations recently, offers a platform designed to meet the network security needs of modern workplaces with the latest ZTNA and SASE technologies. Boston-based Timus Networks helps businesses achieve more efficient workflows by securely connecting employees, devices and applications wherever they are. Timus solutions have a specially designed cloud-based SASE architecture. It also includes cybersecurity components such as Dynamic Firewall, AI-powered Secure Web Gateway, Anti-Malware and Intrusion Prevention System.

According to the information we obtained from Tuğrul Tekbulut, Timus Networks has now received a 1 million dollar investment from TechOne with a valuation of 10 million dollars. The target is to make Timus Networks a global brand. It looks like we will hear his name a lot in the coming period, both with investments and developments.

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