Clams of the Mediterranean: increasingly unavailable due to drought

Today’s great drought is bringing our rivers and Mediterranean clams to their knees . This has consequences that affect the environment and the economy (fishermen and restaurants). The CIA – Italian Farmers Association raises the alarm of the progressive extinction of Italian clams. Consequently more and more unavailable and expensive .

Due to the “white waters” these molluscs die. In addition, the scorching temperatures accelerated the proliferation of algae. The latter when they rot release toxic substances that whiten the water by removing oxygen. This kills fish and clams. Fish can also be saved by moving, but clams cannot.

The record heat has put the fish trade in crisis. The CIA association has estimated 35% of shellfish dead between the Po and the Adriatic. This is the ideal habitat for the true clam that arrives from Polesine on Italian tables. All this could lead to an increase in the export of fish products from Greece or Turkey. However, 85% of Italian consumers seem to prefer Italian processing for more serious and loyal controls.

The disadvantages therefore affect the environment and the economy. Here is a plate of spaghetti allo scoglio, if before it cost 12 euros, now it costs 14 euros. The biggest risk is a 50% drop in consumption .


There are 1,500 companies with a production of about 95 thousand tons per year (from PescAgri-Cia), which complain about the risk of lost income for tens of millions.

CIA association

  • Due to drought, clams in the Mediterranean Sea are increasingly unavailable (and therefore more expensive) (

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