Gaming TV or projector? The answer is Xgimi Horizon Pro

A game is as beautiful to look at as the screen we’re playing it on.


It doesn’t matter the graphics card or the next gen console, without a display capable of showing us the 4K: all that computing power is wasted. What if, instead of a TV, the solution for your 4K gaming was a projector ? I didn’t think home projector technology had gotten this far, then I tried the Xgimi Horizon Pro ( here the data sheet ), a projector with ease of use and flexibility that I had never seen before.

A small premise: if you have little space available, a projector is not the screen for you. If, on the other hand, you are considering a TV from 60 inches upwards, both for price (of the top-of-the-range models) and for practicality, then a projector may surprise you.

Not only because it can reach sizes of up to 200 inches while remaining with a crystal clear image, but also because it moves, repositions and edits with an ease that is unthinkable for large televisions. To start playing with the Xgimi Horizon Pro I just had to plug in a plug, plug in the HDMI of my Xbox Series X and in a few minutes I was speeding through the valleys of Forza Horizon 5 in Mexico in 4K and 200 inches.

Gaming TV or projector?  The answer is Xgimi Horizon Pro


The immersion of the experience is total, there is no screen that can occupy so much of your field of vision while you play. The sound quality is comparable to that of a great soundbar and when you stop playing the projector doesn’t suddenly become useless. It is equipped with wifi and Android TV so, after logging in, you can use all your streaming apps and watch movies as big as a house wall.

In addition to the auto focus and color adjustment, I was surprised at the ability of this projector to produce perfect images even if not perfectly perpendicular to the viewing surface. In my case, the angle between the car and the wall was more than 30 ° and the image remained perfect.

In case you are concerned about quality in daylight, the 2200 ANSI lumens of the Xgimi Horizon Pro will ensure great images even when the sun is shining outside. Sure, if the projection surface is directly illuminated by sunlight, the quality of the experience decreases, but this is also the case for most televisions.

And eSports? If this projector is designed for sofa gaming with the controller in hand, in case you want to throw yourself into some competitive Apex or CoD match, fear not, the latency of less than 35ms will not let you miss a single frame.

Bottom line: If you are looking for an XXL gaming display, the right answer may not be a giant TV but a gaming projector. There is something for all budgets, from the top of the range Horizon Pro (1899 euros) to the laptop to play on the external wall of the Halo + house (849 euros) up to the entry level full HD Elfin (649 euros).

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