Google is looking for testers for a “revolution” of Home

After the operation of the Google Home app changed less than six months ago , the company is still not satisfied with the final result, and in fact it has decided to look for useful ways in order to improve the experience in question, creating a real and own new generation of software design.

We are talking specifically about tests with regard to the new features, with the giant that is looking for personnel able to pursue this specific goal. As explained by 9to5Google , the new design is being anticipated through the Centercode testing service .

The company is looking for individuals to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) and that we have a valid smart device for their home, as far as Nests or Chromecasts are concerned. Through Centercode it is therefore really possible to try to test the new features of Google Home.

At the moment it is not clear what changes will be brought with the new app that the well-known giant is working on, and we obviously hope to have more details on the matter soon, hoping that the company proceeds correctly with the tests and is at launch everything within a short time.



  • Google Home will get a redesign, and you can help test it out (Android Police)

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