Muqtada Sadr’s call to his supporters to protest: On 20 August…

Sadr Group leader Muqtada Sadr, whose supporters have occupied the Iraqi parliament in the sheltered Green Zone in the capital Baghdad for about 3 weeks, called his supporters to protest “unique and crowded” on 20 August.

While the occupation of Sadr Group’s supporters in the Iraqi parliament, located in the sheltered Green Zone in Iraq ‘s capital Baghdad, where government buildings and foreign mission representations are located, has continued since 30 July, Sadr Group leader Muqtada Sadr Told his supporters on 20 August, “the unique and the crowd” called for Protest . Salih Muhammed al-Iraqi, known for his closeness to Sadr and using the title of Minister of Sadr, said in a statement on his social media account that Sadr supporters held an unprecedented Protest In The Capital Baghdad.invited to the show. Stating that after a long meeting with Sadr, it was decided that the next protest should be unique in number and peaceful, al-Iraqi said that the protest will start at 17:00 local time on 20 August from Tahrir Square and proceed towards the Celebration Square in the Green Zone. explained.


In his previous statement, Sadr had called all Iraqis to a “Million Peaceful” protest in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad against corruption, militias and political parties that did not leave power.


The Coordination Group, which gathered all the Shiite parties except the Sadr

Group under the roof of the Coordination Group, announced the Green statement in the capital Baghdad, within the framework of the “People are protecting the state” protests they started against the Sadr Group, which has been holding a sit-in for about 3 weeks in the Iraqi parliament building. He announced that they had started a sit-in near the region. After the Coordination Group’s statement, the protesters gathered in the region started to set up tents around the roads leading to the Green Zone.



Sadr supporters objected to the Iran-backed Coordination Group, which includes former Prime Minister Nuri Maliki, to nominate Mohammed Shia al-Sudani as prime minister. Hundreds of Sadr Group supporters first entered the Green Zone on 27 July. stormed the parliament building. Then Sadr supporters gathered again and occupied the parliament building on 30 July. The occupation of Sadr supporters in the parliament building continues.

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