Nothing Phone (1) in the controversy: Did he lie about the peak brightness of the screen?

There is a little yellow about the Nothing Phone (1) , which for several reasons has already had a rather troubled launch . The Hamlet doubt: what is the true peak brightness of the new smartphone? 1,200 nits or just 663 nits?

In theory, the smartphone data sheet shows the first value, but according to the specialized site GSMArena the peak would actually be much lower. In theory, the brightness should rise to 1,200 nits every time you play HDR content, as well as in other specific scenarios. But according to GSMArena the maximum brightness would be limited at the software level to around 700 nits . A gap of almost 500 nits, not a little.

The German site ComputerBase also intervened on the topic , which subjected the smartphone to various tests in an attempt to reach a verdict. Moral? According to German specialized journalists, it is not true that the Nothing Phone (1) reaches 1,200 nits, not even when the conditions in which the brightness, on paper, should rise to those values ​​are created ad hoc . In short, Noghing would have lied.

According to the portal, the Nothing Phone (1) has the hardware features necessary to reach the promised peak of brightness, but it would be the software to prevent it.

A spokesperson for the company admitted that what the German site reported is true: although the hardware supports 1200 nits, Nothing has chosen to limit the peak to 700 nits. “We decided this to ensure an optimal user experience,” he added, arguing that otherwise it would drain the battery too quickly, or overheat the phone. The company added that it is monitoring user feedback, promising that the limit could be removed in the future with a future patch.

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