OnePlus, the first folding smartphone is very close (and a clue appears on Twitter)

OnePlus is about to present its first foldable smartphone . Company No. 1, Pete Lau, posted an eloquent clue on Twitter.

For many years, the CEO of OnePlus had categorically denied that his company was interested in producing a foldable smartphone. “The technology is not mature,” he had said over and over in recent times. But obviously something has changed in the meantime.

Foldable smartphones are no longer a niche product (think of the success of the Galaxy Flip3 at home ), and companies like Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have now proven that these phones no longer have to be just curious gadgets that go. paid dearly – not only in monetary terms, but also by waivers on the data sheet. Samsung a few days ago suggested that in 2025 one in two smartphones sold could be a foldable.

In short, the time is more than ripe for OnePlus to join the game. The company has now presented a teaser on social media that unequivocally winks at the idea that the company is ready to present its first folding smartphone.

Pete Lau , No.1 of OnePlus, has posted on Twitter some images of what is evidently the hinge of a smartphone with a folding screen. “What do you think it is?”, He then slyly asked his followers. The answer is self-evident.

Recall that today OnePlus coexists in the same house as Oppo, which has already presented two leaflets on the market. And according to some recent rumors, the first folding of OnePlus could be a rebranding of one of the two devices of the sister brand. Whether it is the Find N Fold or the Find N Flip is still to be understood.

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