Serie A, everything is ready: but who wins according to Fifa?

Fifa crowns Inter and Juventus. Nothing to do for Milan and Rome, but they will also be there for the tricolor. 

An armchair for four. After AC Milan ‘s tri-color success last season, Serie A reopens its doors. All, therefore, hunting for the men of Pioli who as reigning champions will have the favors of the prediction. Inter, Juventus and Roma will try to break the Rossoneri’s hegemony. On paper and not only they will in all probability take the stage of the new Serie A, but not if according to video games.

Fifa rewards Inter and Juventus

Waiting for the new chapter of the Fifa saga, Inter and Juventus share the top of the ratings to the detriment of the other contenders. The Nerazzurri are the team with the highest overall rating : 82 in attack, 82 in midfield and 83 in defense. A step lower we find the Old Lady: 81 in attack, 81 in midfield and 83 in defense. Values ​​that will be retouched upwards given the returns of Lukaku and Pogba from the Premier League, in addition to Angel Di Maria ‘s arrival in black and white .

Vlahovic and Lautaro, here are the reinforcements

Vlahovic and Lautaro Martinez , therefore, will be in good company starting this season. After the sparks of last season, with Inter beating Juventus both in the final of the Italian Cup and in the Allianz Stadium match, both forwards are ready to battle again with goals. Vlahovic and Lautaro represent the forward evolution in a modern key. Each, of course, with its characteristics and some value in symbiosis . As in the voices physical strength, speed and technique. The sense of the goal, on the other hand, seems to be more of the Serbian’s gift: lethal in the last meters.

Vlahovic and Lautaro, similar values ​​on Fifa

A trend also confirmed by video games. In Fifa 22’s Career mode, the one most similar to reality, Vlahovic and Lautaro have some differences only in the embryonic phase. The Serbian starts from a rating of 82 , while the Argentine from 85 . Both, however, over the years can reach an overall maximum of 89. Potentially, therefore, the clash is played evenly.

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