Sisi replaced 13 ministers

The cabinet reshuffle presented by Egyptian President Sisi was approved by parliament.

There was a cabinet reshuffle in Egypt, which included 13 ministers.

According to the news of the Egyptian official news agency MENA, the Egyptian Parliament approved the changes made in 13 ministries presented by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the plenary session today.

The cabinet revision covers 13 ministries, primarily Health, Aviation, Immigration, Local Development and Education.

Egyptian President Sisi called on the parliament to convene to discuss the cabinet change agreed after meeting with the Prime Minister, expressing that the said change would increase the performance of the government in important domestic and foreign dossiers that contribute to protecting the interests and capabilities of the state.

Article 147 of the Egyptian Constitution gives the President the right to change the cabinet, in consultation with the Prime Minister and with the approval of an absolute majority in the parliament.

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