Telegram: customizable emojis and much more in the latest update dedicated to subscribers

Telegram’s latest update focuses on enriching Premium, the paid subscription launched just under a month ago. Among other things, the new update will allow you to upload and use custom emoji sets – a bit like on Twitch and Discord, where each channel can have its own exclusive emoji pack.

All Telegram Premium subscribers will be able to upload their own custom emoji sets . The operation is quite similar to loading sticker packs. Users will also be able to unlock 10 emoji sets with a total of over 500 emojis available exclusively to subscribers.

The other novelty concerns the so-called interactive emojis: they only work in individual chats and, basically, they are apparently static emojis, which however can be touched to reproduce an animated effect. Again with reference to emojis, the iOS version of Telegram approaches the Android and desktop ones, with the moji panel that is now separate from those of the stickers and GIFs.

There is another interesting feature for Premium subscribers: the ability to restrict who is allowed to send voice or video messages. There are three options: “Everyone”, “my contacts” and “none”. Obviously it will also be possible to set exceptions, for example it will be possible to select the ‘None’ option but still authorize some specific contacts to send us voice messages.

Finally, subscribers can now gift a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to their contacts at a discount.

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