Trump testifies at the New York Attorney General’s Office as part of the tax evasion investigation

Former U.S. President Donald Trump went to the New York Attorney General’s Office this morning to testify as part of an ongoing investigation that his property values ​​were misrepresented on his tax returns.

Waving to the journalists who were waiting for him as he left Trump Tower, which he owned, the former President moved to the Attorney General’s Office with his large security team consisting of the secret service and his own private bodyguards.

Trump’s statement continues in the morning, reaching the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is conducting the investigation.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has called Trump and her children to testify as part of the investigation, which claims that the value of assets such as skyscrapers and golf courses belonging to the Trump Organization company has been misrepresented in financial statements for more than 10 years and has been tax evasion.

Each time, Trump and his lawyers objected to the decision and declared that they did not have the documents requested by the attorney general’s office.

Two weeks ago, after a long process, the New York State Court of Appeals upheld the decision regarding the investigation that Trump should come to the court and testify.


A day later, a federal judge dismissed Trump’s attempt to issue a court order to stop the New York Attorney General’s investigation into him.

Trump’s children Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump had previously testified within the scope of the same investigation, and it was reported that Trump planned to testify last month, but was delayed due to the death of his ex-wife Ivana Trump.

Making a statement last night from the social media application he named “Truth Social”, Trump said, “Tomorrow I will see the racist Attorney General of New York. The biggest witch hunt in US history continues. My big company and I are being attacked from all sides. Banana republic!” had used the phrase.

The statement came after Trump’s Mar-A-Lago mansion in Florida was raided and searched for about 9 hours the previous day by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents as part of an investigation into the extraction of classified documents that should have been kept in the state archives.

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