Will not produce talcum powder

Johnson & Johnson will end the production and sale of talc-based baby powder worldwide starting next year. The company, which is in a difficult situation with billions of dollars in damages, will make baby powders with cornstarch.

Tens of thousands of women, who claimed that talcum powder mixed with asbestos and caused ovarian cancer, filed a lawsuit against the American company Johnson & Johnson (J&J). The company stopped selling this product in the United States two years ago due to multi-billion-dollar lawsuits and reduced demand, but continued sales in other countries. Continuing to advocate that talcum powder is safe, the company explained, “As part of our worldwide product assessment, we have made a commercial decision to switch to products based entirely on cornstarch in baby powder.”


Stating that baby powder made from cornstarch is still being sold in many countries of the world, the company said, “We fully support the determinations that Johnson’s baby powder made with talc is safe, does not contain asbestos and does not cause cancer, which has been reached by independent scientific studies conducted by experts all over the world for decades.” This product, which has been sold for 130 years by Johnson’s, has become a symbol of its ‘family friendly’ image.

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