Will the US declare Russia a terrorist: We will enter a road of no return

A warning came from Moscow after the news that the US Senate has begun preparations to include Russia on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Speaking To The Official TASS agency after the allegation that Russia could be included in the list of ‘countries supporting terrorism’, Aleksander Darçiyev, Head of the North America Desk of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs , said , “If the decision to declare Russia a terrorist sponsor state, which was brought to the agenda in the US Senate, passes and becomes legal, the bilateral with the greatest damage to relations, the path of no return is entered. It is difficult to predict what will happen after such a decision.”


Declaring Russia As A Supporter Of Terrorism Was Put Before Western Countries By Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski about a month after Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 . Although the issue seems to have been forgotten, it was sparked by Richard Blumenthal and Lindsey Graham in the US Senate the previous day, when they said, “Declaration of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism will soon become a matter that US President Joe Biden will have to decide, whether he likes it or not.

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