Xiaomi presented a robot capable of recognizing human emotions

Xiaomi ‘s ambitions go far beyond the borders of the smartphone and tablet industry. The Chinese giant has presented some extremely futuristic new projects, including a humanoid-looking robot.

It’s called Cyberone and it’s a robot designed to have high emotional intelligence: for example, it will be able to recognize people’s emotions, reacting accordingly. For the moment Xiaomi has shown a prototype of the robot, but in the future the concept will be transformed into a product intended for free sale.

A human-sized robot: Cyberone is 177cm tall and weighs 52km, while the arm span reaches 168cm. The movements of the arms and those of the hip are managed by separate small motors. The robot will also be able to grab some objects, but as long as their weight does not exceed 1.5Kg.


Xiaomi continues to focus on the automotive sector. This week the company also presented Xiaomi Pilot , which is an autonomous driving technology – a sector that in China is reaching a phase of strong maturity and vivacity, proof of this is that in some large cities several very advanced tests have already begun.

Xiaomi has announced that it wants to become the reference leader in the autonomous driving race and wants to do so by 2024. Counting that the industry is already quite crowded, this is clearly an extremely ambitious statement.

Xiaomi wants to minimize dependence on third-party companies. For this reason, Xiaomi will try to cover every element of the verticality of the product: from hardware – such as cameras and LiDAR sensors – to computer vision software and machine learning that will allow machines to make autonomous decisions based on traffic conditions. . In short, as far as possible, everything will be designed in-house .

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