YouTube is working on a way to sell you subscriptions to Netflix and other streaming services

YouTube is tempted by the on-demand streaming market . Google’s previous experiment – YouTube Red – had not given the desired results, so much so that recently the company closed all divisions responsible for producing original films and TV series. But apparently YouTube now wants to re-enter the streaming business from the window, so to speak.

YouTube, in fact, would not intend to create its own subscription service (there is already Premium, which however offers different utilities), rather it would be working on a sort of hub / aggregator of all the services already on the market: from Netflix to Discovery +.

The Wall Street Journal tells it: Google has been working on this project for about 18 months and has already started negotiations with some potential partners. Users will be able to use the YouTube application to browse the contents of the various on-demand streaming services by purchasing the content packs they are interested in.

YouTube would be trying to convince some companies of the goodness of this initiative, which could help the platforms reach an even wider audience. For example, YouTube is already being used by users today to watch trailers of the latest news available on Prime Video or Netflix . The ability to purchase subscriptions with a simple tap from the YouTube app could actually be a valuable resource. Clearly, partner companies would have to pay Google a percentage of all subscriptions made in this way.

The new platform could be called ‘ Channel Store ‘ and according to the WSJ it could make its debut in some regions as early as the end of 2022.

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