Dogs: Raw meat promotes antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The University of Bristol found that dogs fed raw meat have a higher number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria . In short, they run greater health risks. Two different studies reveal and attest this by analyzing the presence of Escherichia Coli in adult dogs and puppies living in England.

Matthew Avison led the team of scholars. It has been found that in the faeces of animals on a raw meat diet, bacteria that are more resistant to antibiotics are more likely to be found. Examined the feces of 823 dogs, including 223 4 month old puppies and 600 adult individuals. Factors such as nutrition and environment were taken into consideration to obtain more precise results. A questionnaire was also filled out with the dog’s eating habits in detail and the area in which he lives. A raw meat diet is linked to the presence of Escherichia Coli, resistant to antibacterial drugs and active ingredients such as tetracycline, amoxicillin, streptomycin, fluoroquinolones.

The environment in which the dog lives is also important. Eating raw meat carries a higher risk for dogs living in the countryside than for dogs living in cities. There is also the possibility that the bacteria are very dangerous to humans, because they can get them from the dog. Better to be safe than sorry, so be careful when handling raw meat and the hygiene of your pet. Escherichia Coli is a bacterium located in the human and animal intestines. It can cause urinary tract infection. Better to reduce the circulation in the food of your dogs to eliminate the dangerous problem.

  • Giving dogs raw meat promotes the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (

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