Forestry 2.0: green innovation in Calabria and Basilicata

Calabria is a truly green region and the most capable of combining nature conservation with green job opportunities It is also the region that has carried out surprising reforestation and territorial security works. The Calabrian territory has been identified among the 50 destinations to visit in the world by the New York Times. The place where you can breathe the cleanest air in Europe .

However, it is also enhanced by two projects Tech4You and Calabria Forest Project. These concern the development of new technologies to fight climate change and improve human well-being. But also to control the absorption of CO2 in the woods and reduce pollution . The first project is developed between the Universities of Calabria and Basilicata , the second conceived by Ntt Data and Calabria Verde.

They are also a confirmation of good forest management and the ability to network by investing in the cooperation of different regional players. All leading to excellent results. Here it must be understood that the resources destined for forestation are not a useless expense. If anything, an important investment for today’s and future communities.

Planting new trees is important for safeguarding the territory , but also for communicating urban and non-urban areas, with benefits for the environment and people. There is also the need to create a regional forestry sector that looks to the future, making a generational change to have a younger and professionally qualified workforce. Investments, energies, convergences, investments that lead to important results will be useful. So working together for future projects.

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