A blank check from Russia to all its allies… Putin’s suggestion to countless countries to ‘share advanced weapons’!

The war between Russia and Ukraine once again carried the world back to the process that started in the 1950s: a bipolar world. While the US, EU and NATO front took a stance against Russia and its allies, Russia began to approach its current and potential allies. What appears at the door is an environment where the eastern and western fronts of the world are constantly pointing their weapons at each other…

The World, Which Was Suddenly Divided Into Two When The War Between Russia and Ukraine broke out, has now begun to turn into a bipolar state, where this distinction is getting deeper.

First and last example I. and II. This situation after World War II made the USA and Russia two opposing fronts and the Cold War period lasted almost until the early 90s.

A blank check from Russia to all its allies… Putin's suggestion to countless countries to 'share advanced weapons'

This is how Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu were viewed at the arms fair



Now once again, this global crisis has once again divided the world into two as eastern and western countries. Russia, which stands against the countries that support the bloc formed by the USA, EU and NATO, also cooperates with its natural and possible allies.

In a speech at an arms show in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted that Russian weapons were “decades” ahead of their Western rivals.

Delegations from over 70 countries join Army-2022 to take advantage of the opportunities in Russia’s catalogue.

A blank check from Russia to all its allies… Putin's suggestion to countless countries to 'share advanced weapons'



Meanwhile, Allies and buyers of Russian equipment also expressed their concerns as Putin’s tanks, warships and planes are being defeated in Ukraine.

However, it was praised throughout the fair that Russia’s ‘modern’ weapons were used more than once in ‘real’ wars.

The Kremlin leader also claimed at the fair that Russia was years ahead of enemy weapons.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been going on for nearly six months with a series of failures. This worried countries such as India, Egypt and China, which are both Russia’s allies and arms customers.


While Putin offers to share Russia’s advanced weapons with its allies around the world, his words contradict his army’s performance in Ukraine, which is experiencing major shortages and production problems.

After promising to strengthen ties with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un yesterday, Vladimir Putin offered to send advanced weapons to his allies around the world to support them.

Earlier on Monday, Putin and Kim Jong-un promised to improve relations, fueling rumors that Pyongyang could offer Russia the weapons it has stockpiled for decades.

A blank check from Russia to all its allies… Putin's suggestion to countless countries to 'share advanced weapons'

The rapprochement between Russia and North Korea worries the world



In a letter to Kim Jong-un commemorating the end of the 35-year-old Japanese empire on the peninsula, Putin said closer ties between Russia and North Korea would serve the interests of both countries and help “strengthen security and stability.”

Kim Jong also sent a letter to Putin, predicting that ties between their countries would deepen, based on an agreement signed in 2019, when the two leaders met in Russia.

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